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Places to Visit Shimla and Manali Shimla and Manali Is the haert of himachal pradesh. One of the famous and beautiful place in Himachal is the Manali. Two of Himachal�s most popular and loved destinations are Shimla and Manali. With the large number of tourist attractions in Kullu Manali, it would be unwise not to pay a visit to any of them. A lot of the smaller towns and districts are located very close to Shimla and Manali, which makes it easier to take one-day trips and returning to your accommodation in the major cities. Planning travelling and gaining tourist information from Shimla or Manali is also a lot easier than doing it in the smaller areas. One of the famous place in manali Called rohtang paas. rohtang paas is always covered with white snow. this is the coldest place in manali. The distance between rohtang paas to manali is approx 52 km. When you proceed to shimla manali Then Chandigarh is the on the way this is the best place for tourist. shimla manali chandigarh by car is the best package for tourist. 2. Bilaspur Bilaspur district is another one of Himachal�s popular destinations. Sights like Bhakra Dam, Baba Nahar Singh Ji Temple, Deotshidh Forest Bachhretu Fort and others are the highlights of this small town. Trekking and hiking opportunities in this quaint region are endless, and many of the villages and other towns can be accessed from Bilaspur pretty easily. The view of the Pir Panjal mountain range from certain parts of this town is a sight to never miss. 3. Dalhousie and McLeodganj A visit to Dalhousie is incomplete without visiting its twin McLeodganj and vice versa. Add Dharamshala to the mix and you�ve got a wonderful package tour of memories to cherish later on. Dalhousie is a quaint little town in Himachal famous for its monasteries and quiet resorts. McLeodganj is known for the Tibetan museum, Buddhist monasteries and the Dal Lake along with many other smaller sights to see. As these two are out of the various tourist spots of Himachal, it is always recommended to visit them at least once during a trip. Where to Stay Shimla, Himachal can provide you with cheap as well as luxury hotels and resorts to stay in, like the following: Snow valley resort is one of the best resorts in Manali Kamna hill resort in shimla Norwood Green in Palampur Hotel Mount View in McLeodganj De Ark Hotel in Dalhousie The Lost Tribe Hostels in Central Himachal Things to Do Solang valley ropeway, There are a plethora of thi ngs that one can do while in Himachal, and the possibilities are endless. Below are some of the most popular activities to do: River rafting in Manali Toy train ride from Kalka to Shimla Trek in Spiti Valley Heli Skiing in Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass and Deo Tibba Zorbing in Kullu and Manali Paragliding in Solang Valley Mountain Biking in Bilaspur Camping in Dalhousie Trekking in Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal Rock Climbing in Jorkanden, Rangrik Rang and Shila Things to See Malana Village, Himachal has plenty of tourist attractions in various destinations to choose from, and following are some of the most popular ones: Shimla: The Ridge, Chail, Kufri and State Museum Manali: Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Manu Temple, and Bhrigu Lake Dalhousie: Satdhara Springs, Lakkarmandi, St. Andrew�s Church and Subhash Baoli Malana village Kasol Jalori Jot Hamta Traveller Tips Carry sunscreen, moisturisers and lotions to protect from the sun. Woollen clothes are a must when visiting Himachal, as some areas are chilly even during the summer. Appropriate winter shoes and boots must also be carried to ensure a hassle-free trip. If you�re planning to explore adventure sports and trekking, appropriate shoes, gear, clothing and backpacks should be taken along. Always carry a bottle of water or two while touring. Caps and sunglasses are also recommended. Camera batteries, cell-phone chargers and the likes are important as clicking photographs is an obvious advantage of visiting Himachal�s tourist spots. Id proof and essential documents should be carried along safely as well. Himachal�s unmatched beauty can�t be contained through our mortal eyes, but experiencing the grandeur of this destination might just get us closer to feel the magical essence of this holiday spot in India.

shimla manali chandigarh by car